All students will participate in a seventh grade Physical Education, Health/Family Life course. This course is provided for the majority of students in an every day, full-year program. There is an exception to the every day format.

  1. For students who opt to take band, the seventh grade band class may alternates with the physical education and health/family life curriculum.


Offers students instruction in solo and ensemble playing and experience through performing in concerts. Several student performances are arranged during the year.


Emphasizes development of music-reading skills and interpretation as well as the attainment of proficiency in solo, ensemble, and full-orchestra performance. Several student performances are arranged during the year. Most students will take the seventh grade exploratory rotation. This rotation includes one nine weeks each of art, computer applications, drama, and journalism.


Continues instruction in a variety of methods and media

Computer Applications

Provides more exposure to a variety of personal productivity software applications, focusing on word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. Students work on projects with connections to core academic classes.


Emphasizes public speaking skills through interviewing, making speeches, and participating in a one-act play. This course also includes basic stage terminology and scenery preparation.

Earth Zone 7

Students will explore the marine and herpetology centers, learn about the organisms, research and learn about native Virginia species of reptiles and amphibians, and learn about the marine ecosystem. At the same time, students will explore ecology and how humans have impacted the world around us. Students will have opportunities for hands on experiences with our animals in both the marine and herpetology centers. The overall focus of this class is to foster knowledge and appreciation for the environment and the animals living in it.


A semester course focusing on oral communication. The students will also study the culture, geography, and history of Spanish-speaking countries.


A semester course introducing students to the German language and culture. The course covers vocabulary useful in foreign travel, cultural and historical information, and basic grammar.

Sample Seventh Grade Schedules for P. L. Dunbar Middle School for Innovation

Please note that these schedules are only intended to illustrate some of the possible combinations of courses that meet the requirements in seventh grade. Periods at which courses are scheduled will vary.

  Student 1 Student 2 StUdent 3 Student 4
Period 1 English Lit. 7 Block English Lit. 7 Block English (Advanced) Physical Science (Advanced)
Period 2 English Lit. 7 Block English Lit. 7 Block Physical Science Orchestra 7
Period 3 7th Grade Rotation PE & H/FL PE/Band & H/FL PE & H/FL
Period 4 Physical Science Physical Science Physical Science Exploratory Spanish & German
Period 5 U. S. History II U. S. History II U. S. History II U. S. History II (Advanced)
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Period 6 Math 7 Block College Prep Math 7 Block Pre-Algebra (Math 7A)
Period 7 Math 7 Block Pre-Algebra (Math 7A) Math 7 Block English (Advanced)
Period 8 PE & H/FL Band 7 7th Grade Rotation 7th Grade Rotation