General Information

There is no full time box office service; the Facilities Rental Office cannot handle tickets or public information phone calls regarding your production other than dates and times. We do have a lobby showcase and will be glad to post your playbill there. 

The auditorium seats 1,560 on the orchestra level and 544 in the balcony. A movable partition can be drawn across the orchestra seating at the balcony edge when smaller audiences are expected; seating is then limited to 1000. Wheelchair seating areas are on the orchestra level.

No smoking, food or beverages are allowed in the auditorium and intermission refreshment sales are restricted to the lower lobby. Restroom facilities are adjacent to the lower lobby. 

The auditorium lobby is accessible by easy ramp from street level or 4 steps. Tables for product sales are available on request, two box offices are in the lobby, and one has a Clear COM headset position. The high school’s cafeteria and music classrooms are convenient to the lobby and available to rent, contact the facilities rental office for details. 

The orchestra pit is 500 sq feet and will accommodate 40 musicians. Chairs and music stands are available upon advance request. The pit is normally covered which adds to the stage apron area, there is a nominal fee to have the pit uncovered for use. The upright stage piano is available as is, at no charge but if tuning is request you will be billed for that service. 

Local regulations require police and EMT presence when the public is in the building for a performance, these personnel will be available for box office and performer security. The number of officers and duration of service will be determined from information on the application form. A building mechanic is on duty to monitor the lobby/auditorium and provide assistance in that area as well as attending to any facilities problems that might arise.  

There is no Genie lift available for use; however there is a 12′ ladder.

Click here for the E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium Application Request Form

Acceptable Use Policy

The Chief Financial Officer for the Lynchburg City Schools has the final authority for rental contracts. The Lynchburg City Police Department reviews contracts to determine the level of security necessary to satisfy existing city codes. The type of event, program content, target and expected audience are factors used by all parties involved in final approval of the rental contract. If, in the course of preparing and executing the rental contract, new questions arise regarding acceptable use, those concerns must be satisfied before the contract will be approved. 

The required police and fire (EMT) persons may be augmented with but not replaced by your private security.


No facilities, spaces, or equipment except those contracted may be used without prior written arrangements. If additional equipment or facilities become necessary outside business hours the TD will determine if arrangements can be made and require initials of the responsible party for billing purposes.  

Any technical elements you bring must leave in your truck at the time of load out. Materials left by touring companies will be secured and brought to the attention of your local presenter. Local renters who must leave material for later pickup please make arrangements with the Facilities Rental Office no later than the next business day following your rental or storage charges may accrue. Rubbish that is generated incidental to your production will be disposed of by the duty custodian only if bagged or placed in the receptacles provided. You are responsible for disposing of bulk materials, unneeded scenery and other large materials. A dumpster is provided for your use. Since this is a teaching theater, the donation of technical elements is always appreciated.


The sale of refreshments is allowed in the lower lobby. Talent’ crew hospitality is usually set up backstage near the dressing rooms. Tables and chairs for registration, product sales, etc. are available on request.

Dressing Rooms

Type Number Capacity
Star 1 3
Principle 3 3
Chorus 2 22

The star dressing room and men’s chorus dressing room is located on stage level. The principle dressing rooms and the Women’s chorus dressing room is located one level above the stage. The star dressing room is 11′ x 13′ and the chorus dressing rooms are 30′ x 23′. All dressing rooms are equipped with lighted mirrors, bathroom/shower facilities and chairs. The two Chorus dressing rooms have Clear-Com hookup program monitoring capabilities. There is a Clear-Com hookup in the star dressing room, for either an external Clear-Com monitor or a headset. The Principle dressing rooms are not equipped with Clear-Com hookups.  


Loading dock door is located on stage left against the driveway (see policy below). Dock is 5′ from street level with doors that are 8 wide and 12 tall. The doors open into a 24′W X 24′LX21′H dock area. The width measurement excludes a storage cage on the loading dock. The dock opens to the stage through another 12 set of fire doors.

Load-In Policy

When school is in session this driveway is closed from 7:30am till 8:30am and 1:30pm till 2:30pm Monday through Friday. A 32′ truck can remain on the apron but can not be moved during these times. A 48′ truck can back into the dock but blocks the driveway, please notify us in advance if you have such a truck. FOH equipment may be loaded in through the lobby entrance to the theater orchestra level. There are not stairs when loading through the lobby.
Vehicles can not be left in the student parking lot adjacent to the theater when school is in session. They may be parked along the Murrell Road fence end of the parking lot when arriving early, before and after unload and overnight.


Talent/orchestra buses and vans will park along the driveway adjacent to the theater and unload through the backstage doors to the dressing rooms. Parking along this driveway is subject to the rules outlined in the loading dock paragraph below. We will reserve space along the drive for your vehicles if informed in advance. Parking space for 500 vehicles is adjacent to the theater. 

House Draperies

  • Main House Curtain – (25ox. Red Velour – 75% Full) (70′W x 40′H) (motorized travel only – does not guillotine)
  • Main House Teaser – (25oz. Red Velour – 75% Full) (65′W x 20′H)
  • (8) Eight Legs (20oz. Black Velour – 50% Full) (15′W x 29′9″H)
  • (4) Four Full-Stage Borders (Black Velour – 50% Full) (67′W x 15′9″H)
  • (1) One White Muslin Cyclorama – No seams (65′W x 35′H)
  • (1) One Black Sharkstooth Scrim (65′W x 35′H)
  • (3) Three Full Stage raveling blackout drops (67″W x 29′9″H (2 piece))

Stage Dimensions and Information

Proscenium Width Max 48′- 0″ (Variable Width)
Proscenium Height 30
Stage Depth 34
Stage Width (wall to wall) 105
Grid Height 66
Balcony Rail to Apron 73
Follow Spot throw to Apron 95
  • The stage floor is masonite.
  • Sub flooring is hardwood.
  • Stage floor is not trapped or waxed.

House Sound

The house sound system is suitable for lectures, playback and limited variety shows. A Sound Contractor must be secured for anything more complex. The Technical Director can help you determine if the house system is adequate for your production needs and if not, assist with finding the most suitable Sound Contractor. Wenger floor sound shells and (4) overhead baffles are available for full stage coverage.

Sound Equipment

  • Furman – Q802 – 30 Band Graphic Equalizer
  • DOD – RTASeriesII – Real Time Audio Analyzer
  • Furman – Tunable Crossover (Model TX-3A)
  • QSC – MX1500a – 700w Amplifier (Main Speakers)
  • QSC – 1400 – 200w Amplifier (Monitors)


  • (1) Horizon Concert Series 16 Ch. Snake
  • The E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium also has 3 pre-run XLR lines to the top of the proscenium arch for hanging microphones.

Lighting Inventory

Quantity Description
60 Source Four Par
24 Source Four 36
12 Source Four 26
12 Source Four 50
12 Source Four 19
4 Source Four 70
2 Source Four 90
18 Strand century 6x9
12 Scoops
12 6” Fresnels
9 8” Strand Fresnelites
6 Altman 360Q
4 Strand LEKO 40
5 Altman Shakespeare 40
9 Strand Iris Cyc Lights
1 Lycian SuperArc 400 Follow

Due to equipment sharing between the Civic Auditorium and the E. C. Glass Theatre Department, specific lens rube availability may vary, depending on the production schedule.

Electrical Information & Equipment
  • Company Switches
    • (1) 3 Phase, 400amp located SR next to the fly rail
    • (1) 3 Phase, 200 amp located SR next to the SR door
  • The space is not equipped with a power distro or power line.
  • The space does have an emergency generator equipped only to power emergency lights.

Control System & Dimmers

The Civic Auditorium is equipped with 2 Strand CD80 dimming racks each with 96 dimmers (192 Dimmers @ 2.4KW). The space contains approximately 210 circuits. The control board for the space is an ETC Express 125. There are 23 RMS Inputs located throughout the venue. One is backstage right, near the 200amp disconnect, another is in the FOH booth (above the balcony – far house right), and the third is with the dimming racks below the stage. The main house lights are typically scoops hung on the balcony rail. Fluorescent work lights in the ceiling coves and under-balcony/under-booth lights CANNOT be controlled through the lighting control board. They are controlled by a Strand Auxiliary board. This board also controls the chime for the lobby.

On Stage Equipment

  • (4) on stage electric
    • 1st electric – 41 circuits
    • 2nd electric – 35 circuits
    • 3rd electric – 35 circuits
    • 4th electric – 39 circuits
  • 1st Ceiling Cove
    • (6) Circuits
    • 2nd Ceiling Cove
    • Powered by the 6 Circuits located in the 1st ceiling cove, run via 100′ cable. Each circuit is currently powering (2) 5 Degree source fours currently hung in this position. (12 ETC Source 4’s with 5 degree barrels are always used) (See plot)
  • Balcony Rail
    • (24) Circuits, powered by 12 dimmers. Split at center. (DIM 1-12 house left, DIM 1-12 house right)
  • Floor Pockets-There are 10 floor pockets located about the stage.
  • A Strand CD80 Portable Dimming Rack is available for use. It contains (22) 1.4KW Dimmers and is typically used stage left and powered from the 200amp disconnect.
  • Counterweight System
    • 35 single purchase linesets
    • Operated from stage right deck
    • Arbor Capacity: 1500 lbs
    • Pipe Length: 70
    • Pipe Width: 2″
  • There are (4) 12′ Booms and (4) 16′ Booms constructed. They are stored far upstage against the back wall.
    See attached sheet for a fly rail schedule.


The venue is equipped with a Clear-Com communication system with XLR jacks located throughout the space. The Switchboard and Main Station is a Clear-Com SB-412A. The system is typically connected as follows:

Channel Location
1 Dressing Rooms
2 Ceiling Coves Door
3 Balcony Rail
4 Box Office
5 House Left Booth
6 Projection Booth (House Center Wall)
7 Dimmer Room
8 Stage Left and Stage Right
9 Center Projection Booth (House Left Wall)
10 Projection/Sound Booth
11 Loading Dock
12 Fly Rail (Dry Cable Run)

E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium Fly Rail Schedule

Line Distance Use Notes
1 2' 1st Border  
2 3' 1st Electric Circuits 19-60
3 4'6" 1st Legs  
4 5'6" 1st Traveler  
5 6' 6" #1 Sound Shell Shell may not move.  
6 7'6" Open  
7 8' #2 Sound Shell Shell may not move.  
8 8'6" Projection Screen  
9 9' 6" 2nd Border  
10 10' 2nd Legs  
11 12' 2nd Electric Circuits 61-96
12 13' 6" Open  
13 15' #3 Sound Shell Shell may not move.  
14 16' 3rd Border  
15 16' 6" 3rd Legs  
16 17' Open  
17 18' 3rd Electric Circuits 97-132
18 19' Open  
19 19' 6" Open  
20 20' 2nd Traveler  
21 20' 6" Open  
22 21'6" Open  
23 23' #4 Sound Shell Shell may not move.  
24 24' 4th Border  
25 24' 6" 4th Legs  
26 25' Black Scrim  
27 26' 4A Electric Married to 28
28 26' 6" 4B Electric-Cyc Lights Circuits 133-172 - Married to 27
29 28' Open  
30 28' 6" Open  
31 29'  Star Drop  
32 30' Open  
33 30' 6" Open  
34 31'  Cyc  
35 32' 3rd Traveler  

E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium Repertory Light Plot (.pdf)
E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium Repertory Light Plot (.esf)
E. C. Glass Civic Auditorium Repertory Light Plot (.vwx)