Chromebook Information Sheet

See the Student Chromebook Information Sheet for helpful tips for using a Chromebook.

Chromebook Protection Plan

The LCS-ONE Protection Plan is an optional accidental damage protection plan for the 2023-24 school year. The cost of the plan is $25, to be paid through MySchoolBucks.

The LCS-ONE Protection Plan covers accidental damage, not intentional damage, to the equipment. If LCS determines the equipment was intentionally damaged, the student or parent/guardian is responsible for 100% of the repair or replacement cost, whichever is less. The estimated replacement cost for a lost, stolen, or damaged device is $300, subject to change. This plan is available to the families of any student who is assigned an LCS device, whether the device is taken home or remains at school.

The plan does not cover the Chromebook charger. Students are responsible for replacing their charger if it is lost or stolen. If your student has lost the charger issued to them, a replacement charger can be purchased at the cost of the item by contacting your child’s school.

GoGuardian Parent Portal

Lynchburg City Schools is providing parents with an account for the GoGuardian Parent Portal. GoGuardian Parent is an application available on Apple devices and Android phones designed to provide parents/guardians with the ability to pause their children's internet, block specific websites, and schedule internet availability on the school provided Chromebooks and Chrome tablets.  Click here for more details about the GoGuardian Parent Portal.