The school maintains a scholastic record for each student, which is stored in a secure central location under the supervision of the principal. The scholastic record is limited to data needed by the school to assist the student in his/her personal, social, educational, and career development. You, as the parent, have the right to review and challenge the content of scholastic records in accordance with Management of Students' Scholastic Record in the Public Schools of Virginia. All records are maintained in a confidential manner and are released only with written permission of the parent (or the student 18 years or older) except to individuals and/or agencies approved by state and federal law. See Policy JO - Student Records for information.

Upon request, without prior written consent, a student's scholastic record shall be disclosed to parents, students and other authorized persons as permitted by state and federal law. Anyone other than the parent or guardian must have written permission from the parent or guardian (or the student 18 years or older) before receiving information from a student's scholastic record.

Authorized persons from the Child Protective Services and Foster Care Services, both agencies of the Division of Social Services, have the right to information from a child's school records, the right to interview the child alone or with a school staff member, and the right to remove a child from the school without the parent's or guardian's permission.

General Information

Transcript requests will be processed electronically through Parchment. Student records are kept at the high school for one year after graduation. Then they are sent to the School Administration Building. 

LCS senior final transcripts will be sent to all institutions after July 1st.

Student Records Fee List

For Graduates and 3rd Parties

Official Transcript for College $8
Unofficial Transcript $8
Verification of Graduation for Employment $22
DMV for ID $2
Immunizations $7
Other Fee determined by request; usually $0.30 per page copying fee, with $2 minimum
Faxing of Requested Item Additional $2 per request

Request Your Transcript

To request a transcript, please use the link below:

E. C. Glass High School Transcript Requests

Heritage High School Transcript Requests

Anyone 18 years or older must create a Parchment account in order to receive their transcript or other information from their student record.

The Division Registrar office will be open to the public Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

GED Information

GED scores are available at Users must create an account and login to retrieve records.

Graduation Verification

Effective January 2020, in an effort to provide an enhanced and more secure service for our graduation verification for employment, all record requests for former and current students must be made using our student record request system, Parchment. 


The Graduation Verification Application is a secure, self-service  application that requires the following steps:

  • Site Access
  • Account Creation
  • Verification
  • Submit Request

Graduation Verification requests for former and current E. C. Glass High School students

Graduation Verification requests for former and current Heritage High School students

Lynchburg City Schools will process requests electronically within 5 working days. 

Identification Card

For information provided to the Department of Motor Vehicles (for obtaining an identification card) there is a $2 charge. All DMV/ID card requests must be submitted in person at the LCS School Administration Building located at 915 Court Street, Lynchburg, VA. All DMV/ID requests will be granted within 5 working days.

How long will it take to receive my information?

3 to 5 working days.