What is the PETAL Program?

Promoting Excellence Through Accelerated Learning is a K-12 program that identifies LCS students with academic potential for achievement at a higher level. It promotes accelerated learning, furthering academic achievement and narrowing the achievement gap. PETAL encourages students to take rigorous, academically demanding classes.

Who is responsible for implementing the program?

Maria Jaeger supervises this program. She can be reached at (434) 515-5040 or by email at [email protected].

What is the overview of the PETAL accelerated middle school math program?
  • created with a grant (The GE Math Excellence Fund Grant) in 2001-02 
  • designed to accelerate students in math
What are the objectives of the PETAL middle school accelerated math program?
  • to carry out programs aimed at reducing the academic achievement disparity in math SOL scores among students 
  • to accelerate as many capable math students as possible to increase the likelihood that students develop an interest in math or math-related careers
  • to provide support when applying to attend institutions of higher education
  • to participate in the accelerated blocked math class in ninth grade 
  • to achieve a possible higher grade point average and class rank in high school (due to “weighted” math courses)
  • to increase opportunity for acceptance into colleges