Frequently Asked Questions

How can I talk with my child's teachers?
Each teacher has an email address on Linkhorne Middle School’s staff directory. You may email or phone the school office (515-5330) and leave a message for a specific teacher to return your call. If you need a conference with all of your student’s teachers, please call your student’s counselor and the counselor will schedule a parent/teacher conference with all of the academic teachers.

Can I get my schedule changed?
Students may elect to add/drop an elective course (if available) during the first 5 days of Semester 1, and the first 5 days of Semester 2. The exception to this is when the change is deemed academically necessary, such as dropping or enrolling in special education services.

Who do I contact to get homework when my student is going to be absent?
Please call the middle school counseling office (515-5332) early in the morning so that there is sufficient time to contact teachers and gather materials. When you call the counseling office for homework there is a 24 hour wait before assignments will be available for pick up. If you know in advance that your student is going to be absent, they should talk to each one of their teachers to find out about upcoming assignments.

When do report cards come out?
Your student will be given his/her report card approximately one week after the end of each nine week grading period. If for some reason you don't receive your student's progress report or report card, please contact the student’s counselor.

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