Rene James
Counseling Director
[email protected]
Counselor for last names A - J

MJ Carr
School Counselor
[email protected]
Counselor for last names K - Z

Stephanie Long
[email protected]

Sam Espinoza
Testing Coordinator
[email protected]

Dr. Kathy Dills, principal (8th grade students)
Mr. Mike Thompson (7th grade students)
Mrs. Tia Benefield (6th grade students)

About the Counseling Department

Mission: The students at Linkhorne Middle School will have the knowledge and skills to set and achieve academic, career and personal/social goals for the successful completion of middle school and transition to secondary and post-secondary settings.

Visions: The mission of the LMS school counseling program is to ensure that every student be engaged and supported in the most challenging academic program focused on the highest level of achievement.  School counselors will work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and the community maximize the academic, career and social/emotional growth of each student.