Faculty/Staff as listed by Department


Leigh, Annitra - email

Assistant Principals

Bragg, Catherine - email
Kerns, Robert - email

Athletic Director

Lafalgio, Vincent - email

Dean of Students

Brown, Ella - email

Administrative Assistants

Davis, Chrishonda (Office Manager/Bookkeeper) - email
Vennero, Sonya - email

Attendance/Security Coordinator

Smith, Angela - email


Ferguson, Richard (BCBA) - email

Cafeteria Workers

Burton, Kimberly (Manager) - email
Abbitt, Tammy
Deering, Stephanie
Harriger, Kevin

Career Tech

Bush, Christopher - email
Potter, Mary Beth - email

Core Subjects 6-8

Atkinson, Euwan  - email
Comninaki, Erin - email
Crist, Mildred - email
Paradiso, Gianna - email
West, Whitney - email
Westervelt, Lindsay - email

Cultural Arts

Brand, Kenneth (Band) - email
Jones, Kayla (Art) - email
Phillips, Kiera (Drama) - email
Stalcup, Scott (Orchestra) - email
Young, Christopher (Chorus) - email


Sparrow, Montague (Head Custodian) - email
Jones, Michael
Spears, Lolita
Streiffer, Gary


Arslain, Oasis - email
Khan, Meredith - email
McKinney, Naomi - email
Rathmann, Stacey - email
Stewart, Mark - email
Walker, Tramaine - email


Gardner, Meredith - email

Health and P. E.

Brooks, Karen - email
Hayes, Roland - email
Kappler, Elizabeth - email
Lafalgio, Vincent - email

Instructional Assistants

Bragg, Ronald
Coffield, Celeste - email
Colmore, Voncea - email
Hall, Jarell (AIA) - email
Jamerson, Sheridan - email
Langford, Kaitlyn - email
Napier, Kaziyah - email
Preston, Kaadia - email
Slaughter, Quinijah - email

Learning Center

Seekins, Sarah - email

Life Skills

Alley, Katelyn - email
Ayers, Jeffrey - email
Roman, Jessica - email


Clay, Teresita - email
Cruz, Javier - email
Cupit, Andre - email
Flood, Dominique - email
Hensley, Leigh - email
Hubbard, Stephen - email
Planiczka, Rebecca - email
Sharpe, Kathryn - email


Langlois, Courtney (RN) - email


Scalzo, Mia - email

School Counseling

McDaniel, Shauntell (Registrar) - email
Melton, Rebekah (Director - students A-K) - email
Preston, Pamela (Counselor - students L-Z) - email


Cropper, Nick - email
Fabian, Leah - email 
Howard, JoAnne - email
Tucker, Monica - email

Social Studies

Fetty, Kendra - email
Hoffmann, Hunter - email
*Lively, David - email
Sherwood, Andrew - email
Sullins, Kenneth "Ray" - email
Toth, Emily - email

Social Worker

Peerman, Shannon - email

SOL Testing Coordinator

Morgan, Sharlona  - email


Milhorn, Kathleen - email


Baker, Ofc. Secily - email


Garcia, Christine - email

World Languages

Dipietro, Giovanna - email

Building Substitutes

Carraway, Anaiah - email
Chilton, Asia - email
Ferguson, Tyler - email