High Tech Ideas

High tech that is available at LAUREL includes a wide variety of devices. We have available to students, for example:

  • Touchscreen monitors
  • Large screen monitors
  • Modified keyboards
  • Speech output devices
  • Environmental Control Units
  • Desktop computers and Laptops
  • Switches (Numerous types available)
  • iPods and iPads
  • Switch interfaces for computer access and iPad access
  • Smartboards
  • Navigator IR, a peripheral that we can use with a computer for mouse control through eye gaze.

Devices are available not only for instructional purposes, but also for student leisure and exploration.

Low Tech Ideas

Low tech ideas are routinely used at LAUREL. However, just because it is called “tech” does not necessarily mean that it actually uses technology. Low tech ideas are creative solutions to usual problems that include minimal or no technology.

For example, low tech ideas are:

Velcro sentence strips
Communication boards and/or schedules using pictures and Velcro
Pencil grips and/or adaptive pencils
Page fluffers
Hand pointers
Extensions for the Smartboard

If you have a low tech idea or come across a great low tech device at the dollar store, we would love for you to share your ideas!

New Additions

We continue to use a variety of equipment and adaptive devices at  LAUREL, and we are exploring  new apps and new resources on a regular basis.

  • Each class has an iPad Pro with classroom specific apps.
  • Classes that need switch access to the iPad Pros will be provided with a switch interface.
  • Classes will get app updates as needed for the iPads in their rooms. 

Assistive Tech Links

Some Assistive Technology Vendors:
Information on Apps:
AT resources: