The LAUREL Regional Program is committed to ensuring that learning is a lifelong process for not only students, but for teachers and staff as well.  LAUREL strives to provide continuing opportunities for professional development. Teachers and staff are encouraged to participate in classes and coursework to further their education and expand their knowledge base so that they are able to provide the highest quality education on a daily basis to our students. LAUREL partners with several local colleges and universities to keep staff abreast of classes and coursework opportunities that may be available locally through these institutions. Staff is also encouraged to seek out opportunities and workshops that they feel would be beneficial to themselves and to furthering their careers. When the academic calendar is one such that workdays are available to staff; the professional development team provides insightful and interesting on-site workshops to benefit teachers and staff throughout the year. The team accepts ongoing suggestions to help plan for the future and to meet the ever changing needs and interests of the staff at LAUREL.

Training and conferences that LAUREL staff have scheduled at this time for the 2017-2018 school year include:

  • Yearly Mandt Trainings
  • Procedural Updates and Training on New Procedures
  • Unique Learning System training
  • CLM (Competent Learning Model) for designated classrooms
  • Regional Trainings with Commonwealth Autism