What is Title I?

Title I is a federal program that provides schools with additional funds to support instruction through staffing, classroom resources, parental involvement activities and professional development. Census data determines which school districts/schools are designated for Title I funds. Bedford Hills operates with a school-wide program. This allows for any BHS student to be supported through Title I.

Title I Annual Meeting

The presentation below provides an overview of the Bedford Hills Elementary School's Title I program. It reviews the purpose of Title I and how students are supported here at Bedford Hills.


Parent & Family Engagement Policy

The Bedford Hills Elementary School Parent and Family Engagement Policy was drafted with support from staff members and parents. It describes how Bedford Hills provides support for families and students, strategies for encouraging parent/family involvement in their child's education, as well as how staff members communicate with families.

Bedford Hills Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy for 2021-22

Bedford Hills SCHOLARS

Bedford Hills SCHOLARS is a Systematic and Collaborative intervention with High expectations; utilizing Orton Gillingham strategies to create a Love of learning while Aligning our resources to create Resilient and Successful students. Our LCS mission is "Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation and Beyond" and when education was impacted by the pandemic, we embraced this mission with a new tenacity and urgency. Our highest priority was the 2nd graders, many of whom did not have foundational skills due to interruptions in learning at the end of their Kindergarten and most of their 1st grade years. We also had many 1st and 3rd graders that needed tremendous support. The Scholars receive one hour, daily, of highly engaging reading strategies, targeted to their specific needs. In that hour, they rotate to four stations, each with a growth-minded 'Professor' that helps them make connections and bridge the gaps to excel their reading skills and love of learning.