Bedford Hills Academic Review/SOL Report 2022-23


  • Bedford Hills will encourage learning that develops the following competencies, known as the 5 C's, from the Profile of a Virginia Graduate: Critical Thinking; Creative Thinking; Communication; Collaboration and Citizenship.
  • Bedford Hills will emphasize Character Education for all students, staff, and the community, as well as a safe and secure environment.
  • Bedford Hills School will integrate a structured literacy approach based on the science of reading and evidence based literacy instruction.  Click on this link for great resources:
  • Bedford Hills will promote the scientific method by encouraging the use of hands-on, problem-solving science lessons.
  • Bedford Hills will strive to increase cultural awareness and appreciation among students, faculty, staff, and parents.
  • Bedford Hills will emphasize speed, accuracy, and mastery of basic math computational skills in conjunction with problem-solving skills.
  • Bedford Hills will work in partnership with families to support the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. We value the significant impact parents have on students' commitment to giving their best each day at school. 
  • Bedford Hills will work to expand and enhance student involvement in the visual and performing arts.
  • Bedford Hills will place emphasis on promoting good health habits and physical well being.