LCS welcomes Parent Involvement
We have developed the PARENTS ROLE IN IEP MEETINGS

This document may be helpful as you prepare for your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. As you prepare for your child’s IEP meeting, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s special education teacher to secure additional information on how you can prepare for this very important meeting.

Your role is to make sure you understand what the IEP is proposing and to make sure your family’s priorities are considered. Check over the IEP with the questions below in mind. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask questions during the IEP conference. 

  • Are there clear statements about what my child can do right now in various areas?
  • Do these statements of what he/she can do agree with my own observations?
  • Is what he/she is supposed to accomplish by the end of the year clearly stated?
  • Do I think these skills are important things for my child to work on?
  • Do I think these skills represent reasonable expectations?
  • Does the plan state how one will know if learning is taking place?
  • Do I understand how learning is going to be measured and how well my child must do on each task?
  • Have my ideas about what is important been considered in the development of this program?
  • Do I know where my child will be placed?
  • Do I feel this is an appropriate placement?
  • Do I know the specific educational services that will be provided?
  • Do I know how much time my child will participate in the regular education program?
  • Does this seem reasonable to me?
  • Do I know when the program will begin?
  • Do I know approximately how long the program will last?
  • Do I know when the next evaluation will take place and what particular skills will be evaluated?
  • Are there things I can do to help my child succeed in the program?
  • Have these things been written into the IEP?

If you are satisfied with the proposed IEP, all you have to do is sign it and the program can get started.