“If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter which road you take!” Have you thought about life after high school? Where do you want to be? What’s your passion? Now’s the time to learn about yourself. Explore your options. Decisions that you make right now regarding your education are likely to affect your entire life. Making a career choice without adequate information about yourself and the career can be a frustrating experience. Finding a career that matches your interests (what you like to do), aptitudes (what you are good at doing) and abilities (acquired skills) and values (what’s important to you) can lead to personal satisfaction and financial rewards. Don’t drift into an unfulfilling career. Take charge of your future and plan now. Decide where you want to go and select the path that will take you there!

High school is the place to begin the career planning process that will lead you to post-secondary education and employment. Check out the opportunities that are available to you. Learn about career families and the education and training required for a specific occupation. Learn about options for continuing your education after high school that include technical and skill training, apprenticeship, community college, and a four year college or university. Develop marketable skills such as responsibility, getting along with others, handling money, customer satisfaction through work experience. Gain experience through part-time jobs, cooperative education, and internships. Remember that you are more valuable to an employer if you have practical experience. Get some!

Make college count. Should you decide to apply to college, keep your eye on your career goal. Select a college that can provide you with sources of knowledge, contacts and opportunity leading to your career goals. Select wisely. Remember that employers are seeking individuals who can communicate effectively, think critically and solve problems creatively. Select courses that prepare you to think and problem-solve, promote organizational skills, teamwork, and the ability to set and meet goals.