Published on Fri., April 24, 2020

Vivian Kidd, Empowerment Academy English teacher, has been selected by Lynchburg City Schools as the 2020 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Kidd is an outstanding example for both her students and her colleagues. Her dedication to students and her passion for teaching and learning is evidenced by her ability to make non-readers into readers and non-writers into award-winning Young Authors.

EA principal Kacey Crabbe stated in her letter recommending Ms. Kidd for consideration, “Vivian goes out of her way to provide for her students both in and out of school.” Her infectious energy and fervor captures the attention of the students, inspiring them and encouraging them to learn. 

Through the use of relevant and interesting novels, Ms. Kidd creates a safe, tolerant learning environment where students are heard and their needs are met. She stated in her interview that she did not feel like she was the best English teacher in LCS, but she was one of the best with building relationships. In her philosophy of education statement, she says that teaching is much more than providing information to students; it is the idea that relationships bond students to their education.  She also says that her students make her strive to be the best teacher that she can be for them, and that they will always be her kids.

Congratulations Ms. Vivian Kidd, 2020 LCS Teacher of the Year!

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