Paul Munro Elementary School, named for the Lynchburg City Schools’ fourth superintendent, opened in September 1962. Originally created as a neighborhood school, Paul Munro has grown to accommodate and educate a wide cross-section of our city’s families. Our school has provided an exceptional education to many wonderful boys and girls over the past fifty years. Paul Munro Elementary is a fine example of the quality education that is provided in Lynchburg City Schools. As Paul Munro’s fifth principal, I look forward to continuing the long-standing tradition of excellence that has been established over the years.

We are very proud of the success that our school has consistently achieved on the Virginia Standards of Learning. Paul Munro is fully accredited by the Commonwealth of Virginia in all core academic areas. Students at Paul Munro participate in many educational, cultural, civic, and enrichment activities. It is the goal of our teachers and staff to continue to develop innovative and creative ways to improve all students’ overall success. Through continuing education and professional development, we strive to find and implement exciting new strategies to expand our students’ horizons. We believe that all students can learn and it is our goal to provide them with a positive learning environment.

Parents at Paul Munro take a very active and positive role in educating our students. They are known for their dedication and countless volunteer hours. We greatly appreciate all they contribute to our school. Our parents, business partners, teachers, staff, and students are all key components to our successful learning community.

I continue to be impressed by our "Paul Munro Family" and feel honored and proud to serve as school principal. I extend a warm welcome and an open invitation for you to visit with us at any time to see all the wonderful things that are happening at Paul Munro Elementary!

Mrs. Donna Baer