Our curriculum follows the Virginia Standards of Learning that were established by the Virginia Department of Education. Students, at all grade levels, are provided the opportunity for acceleration in language arts and math. Students, at all grade levels, are also provided the opportunity for remediation in language arts and math. Eligible students with disabilities are provided services to address their individual needs in the least restrictive environment. Our school counselor conducts classes K-5 and also provides counseling services on an as need basis, with parental notification and permission.


  • All grade levels implement the Wilson phonics program “Fundations” or “Just Words.”  This is a systematic and explicit approach to teaching phonics using a multi-sensory instructional approach.
  • All grade levels have access to Fountas and Pinnell’s Interactive Read Aloud program that utilizes diverse and rich literature to teach the Virginia reading SOL standards.
  • Additional support is provided as needed to any student in kindergarten through 5th grade based on needs. Teachers work together to look at PALS data (K-3), DIBELS (4 & 5), and classroom performance to establish these small groups. 


We use a variety of programs that offer personalized learning for all grade levels. Our math programs incorporate the Virginia Standards of Learning. These standards and goals provide students with the opportunity to develop mathematical understandings. There is an emphasis on mastering the basic facts by using manipulative-based math strategies and computer programs. Math concepts are stressed and opportunities are given for students to become mathematical problem solvers, communicating mathematically, reasoning and logic, and making mathematical connection.

Social Studies

Lynchburg City Schools has purchased materials to support the SOLs for kindergarten through 3rd grade. Each grade level teaches the standards as presented in the Virginia SOLs. When applicable Social Studies content is integrated into the reading block to develop and strengthen cross curricular thinking and content area reading strategies. In 3rd grade, students complete a Performance Based Assessment each quarter to demonstrate their knowledge and application of their knowledge to show mastery of content.


The Science Standards of Learning are taught with inquiry based activities found in kits developed by the division for each unit of study.  Students participate in hands-on activities that emphasize questioning, data analysis, and critical thinking.


Educational software is used to support our curriculum in all subject areas. Teachers follow a technology scope and sequence for grades kindergarten through fifth.

Other Curriculum Areas

Music / Art / Library Science / Physical Education / Counseling (Character Traits, Social Skills, Conflict Mediation, Study Skills and Careers)

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All Curriculum Areas

Division level curriculum guides relative to the Virginia Standards of Learning are available for all Lynchburg City School teachers.

Enrichment for All Students

All students participate in activities that enhance their learning experience. Enrichment through assemblies, technology, research, hands-on activities, and projects challenge the students' thought processes to reinforce and expand their learning. Enrichment opportunities are designed to meet individual needs and ability.

Virginia Standards of Learning