Our goal at FHCS is to provide opportunities for students who are not succeeding in the traditional classroom setting by helping them acquire the academic, social and career skills necessary to be successful.

The School Counseling Program is designed to assist students in reaching their potential by providing special support services and working closely with students, parents, teachers, and schools for the benefit of the student.

Our program is developmental in nature, meaning that we recognize and respond to the various social, emotional, and academic needs of children as they progress through school.


Dyshaya McIntosh
[email protected]

Major Components of our Program

We focus on assisting students with their academic, career, and personal/social needs through:

Classroom Guidance - provided for all students on various topics to build positive academic and social skills.

Individual Counseling - students meet with counselor to address personal/social needs. Referrals to outside services are provided if necessary.

Small Group Counseling - groups will be offered on a variety of topics based on student need. Participation is only permitted with parent permission.

Consultation and Collaboration - with teachers, administrators, and persons in outside agencies to provide assistance and resources as needed.

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