Description of Program

The Fort Hill Community School is a nationally recognized alternative program. It is a program designed to accommodate educational, behavioral, and/or medical needs of students that cannot be adequately addressed in a traditional school environment. Placement in alternative education is determined by the school division. The goal of our alternative program is to provide opportunities for students who are not succeeding in the traditional classroom setting by helping them acquire the academic and social skills necessary to succeed.

Our alternative education program helps students develop self-discipline and responsibility. Those who work in our alternative education program share a fundamental belief that all students are of value and need guidance to find and develop their positive qualities despite the challenges they face in a traditional educational setting or in their personal lives. The Fort Hill Community School is a wonderful place to be!

LCS Mission

Every Child, By Name and By Need, to Graduation and Beyond.

School Mission

The mission of Fort Hill Community School is to form capable and confident students who are empowered to be academically successful and socially responsible, engaging in restorative practices that uplift themselves and their community. 

School Vision

We envision a school in which staff and students work together to achieve a common purpose—academic success and restored community.