Program Focus

The focus of this program is to provide instruction for students specifically to reach proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Level of proficiency is measured annually using the WIDA ACCESS for English Learners language proficiency assessment.  Data from this assessment is used by the LCS English Language teachers to create individualized Limited English Proficiency plans (LEPs) that address each student’s academic, social, and cultural needs.

The LCS EL program strives to:

  • outline the specific models and best practices to be incorporated into the instructional delivery in every K-12 classroom as appropriate
  • provide multiple professional development opportunities to administrators, teachers, and staff in the delivery of EL programs and services
  • embed content-specific vocabulary instruction
  • provide equitable access to academic content that enables EL students to meet challenging performance standards in all areas consistent with all students
  • ensure a safe and supportive learning environment
  • promote mutual respect and appreciation for students of diverse backgrounds among schools, families, and communities
  • include deliberate out outreach efforts to facilitate partnerships between the school and home to build community