Published on Thu., May 4, 2023

After coming out on top in the regional competition last month, students from Bedford Hills Elementary School, Dearington Elementary School for Innovation, and Paul Laurence Dunbar Middle School for Innovation competed in the Virginia History Day (VHD) State Contest Saturday, April 29, 2023. 

These students have spent months researching historical topics of interest and presenting their findings using creative approaches and various forms of media. This year’s theme for the annual competition was “Frontiers in History: People, Places, Ideas.”

Congratulations to the state award winners from Lynchburg City Schools (LCS):

  • VHD District Teacher of the Year Award: Janet Bates - Dearington Elementary
  • African American History Prize from the Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society (Richmond branch): Amir Anderson and Zymeer Vassal - Dearington Elementary
  • Elementary Group Exhibit - 3rd Place: Amir Anderson and Zymeer Vassal - Dearington Elementary

And congratulations to those who competed in the VHD State Contest:

Bedford Hills Elementary
  • Topic: Bessie Blout Griffin (Elementary Group Exhibit)
    • Students: Allure Robinson, Elowen Mickle
    • Teacher: Heather Burkhardt
  • Topic: The Suffrage Movement (Elementary Group Exhibit)
    • Students: Millie Imboden, Paisley Scott
    • Teacher: Heather Burkhardt
  • Topic: Dr. Edward Jenner (Elementary Exhibit)
    • Student: Brennan Maxey
    • Teacher: Heather Burkhardt
Dearington Elementary
  • Topic: Civil Rights Movement-Integration of Lynchburg (Elementary Group Exhibit)
    • Students: Amir Anderson, Zymeer Vassal
    • Teacher: Janet Bates
Dunbar Middle
  • Topic: John Lynch and the Founding of Lynchburg (Junior Performance Group)
    • Students: Hannah Proebstin, Lucinda Pollard
    • Teacher: Karl Loos
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