The Lynchburg City Schools’ Language Arts curriculum and Learning Outcome Goals (LOGs) pacing guides are based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for each grade level. Our focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing promotes critical thinking skills in order to ensure that students are able to read and comprehend at the highest possible level across the curriculum. 

All students spend a minimum of two hours of uninterrupted instruction per day in reading/language arts which includes a block of time for writing instruction. The reading block includes 30 minutes of instruction for Wilson Fundations (PreK-3) and Just Words (4-5). Reading classes in grades K-5 are heterogeneously grouped with individual needs being met through flexible small group instruction.

Students’ strengths and weaknesses in reading are assessed and analyzed multiple times a year. Teachers use these results to identify by student the skills that need to be reinforced and/or re-taught through small group instruction.

Direct instruction in reading focuses on the acquisition of the following literacy skills reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and fluency through reading aloud, dramatization, and book discussion. Student progress is monitored through the use of running records and teacher-made tests and quizzes. Small group assignments and materials are adjusted according to student needs in order to provide both remediation and acceleration opportunities for all students. Title I teachers serve and monitor those students who qualify for the Leveled Literacy Intervention Program.

Classroom teachers utilize technology, including but not limited to IXL and Epic to target individual student needs in the area of reading.