Published on Wed., December 4, 2019

When Empowerment Academy students read a book, their teachers like to bring the book to life with guest speakers. However, in the case of The Boy in the Black Suit, Ms. Kidd brought in an expert on death. In the book, students read about a young man who, while grieving the loss of his mother, takes a job at a local funeral home. To help her students get a better understanding of the novel, Ms. Kidd invited Murrell Thornhill IV from Tharp Funeral Home and Crematory (and his therapy dog named Maybe) to speak to the class about death, funerals, and the process of grieving. Students asked Mr. Thornhill questions about his job and the funeral business, and he shared many interesting facts and observations. Thanks Mr. Thornhill for visiting and sharing your life and death experiences! 

Two students, a teacher, a guest speaker and his therapy dog
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