Main Office Phone:  515-5140

Name Department Academics
  Jefferson, Kacey Director  B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed, Lynchburg College
  Dillon, Tara Counseling Director B.A., Lynchburg College; M.Ed., Counselor Education, Lynchburg College
 Richardson, Karen Registered Nurse  
  Mullins, Rachel Secretary B.A, Ashford University
  Martin, Kimberley English Lynchburg College
  Planiczka, Rebecca Math B.S., Bethany College; M.Ed., Special Education, Chatham College
TBD Science  
  Strubhar, Heather Social Studies B. S., Psychology, Liberty University; M.A.T, Special Education, Liberty University
  Moodie, Bette-Jeanne Electives  

The Empowerment Academy Staff is made up of diverse educational and personal backgrounds. Most of our staff come from outside of Lynchburg, having grown up in both rural and city areas around the country. Several staff members grew up in or around larger cities and came to Lynchburg to attend college (attending Lynchburg College, Liberty University, Randolph College); choosing to make the City of Seven Hills their permanent residence. Our diverse staff backgrounds serve as a benefit for our students as we can share our stories with our students.

The philosophy of the Empowerment Academy staff is to treat each student as a unique individual, worthy of acceptance and understanding, regardless of his or her personal circumstances or struggles. Our focus and commitment is to support, challenge, and encourage children to discover and appreciate who they are as individuals, students, and members of our community. Our staff is comprised of passionate educators who have a drive and resiliency dedicated to doing “heart work.”

Staff is committed to professional growth to ensure that we develop and execute lessons and extension activities that engage all students at appeal to students’ learning styles. Presenting material in a variety of engaging ways provides students the opportunity to better consolidate and anchor their learning, while find the value in it by applying it to life scenarios. Our staff believe that building relationships is the foundation from which to educate our students. Without fostering a bonding, learning cannot occur, efficiently. When a student knows they are accepted and cared for, they are more connected to their own learning, personal growth, and the curriculum. The staff provide students with consistent opportunities to develop and grow both inter, and intra, personal skills that is vital to their success. Through innovative teaching strategies and technology, staff also encourages a love for learning all core subjects.  

The Empowerment Academy staff continue to be excited each year to challenge the applicants as we believe that education is strength and is one of the few things that can never be taken away. Our motto is “learning today; leading tomorrow.” We at the Empowerment Academy are charged with taking the education to the young people and foster a love for learning to equip them to can achieve their life goals both in and outside the classroom. Their success is our success. Education is power.